Gran Via Park | Bucharest

The GranVia Park residential complex has been designed to take place in 3 stages:
The first phasestarted in September 2015 and resulted in buildings C2: 2S+P+11E+Et. Technical and C3: S+P+10E, with a total area of 32,000sqm. The structure was completed in March 2016 and the project was handed over to the beneficiary on October 31, 2016.

The second phase started in January 2017 with the structure of buildings C1: 2S+P+10E+floor 11 duplex, C4: 2S+P+10E+ floor 11 duplex, C5: 2S+P+2E and C9: 2S+P+10E+ fllor 11 duplex. The construction and structures were handed over in October 2017. The total built area is 41,000 sqm.

The third stage started in April 2017 with the structure and continued with the masonry for buildings C6: 2S+P+10E+ floor 11 duplex, C7: 2S+P+2E, C8: 2S+P+10E + floor 11 duplex, C13: parking 2S. The total built area is 34,000 sqm. This phase was completed in December 2019.